Other Choices

Using a Water Hose

Don’t run your hose while washing your car
Fill up a bucket of soapy water and then just give the car a quick rinse at the end and save 150 gallons each wash.  A running hose typically discharges 10 gallons per minute.

Use a broom instead
Don’t hose off your driveway or deck; sweep it instead! If you spend just 10 minutes running your hose to clear off your patio, deck, driveway or sideway, sweeping it instead will save an average of 100 gallons or more each time.

Check your hose connections for leaks and repair or replace leaking parts

More Outside Tips

Install a rain barrel
Rain barrels and cisterns are containers designed to capture water running off your roof and store it for future use.  The water can be used to water houseplants, gardens, and other outdoor landscaping… and it’s free!

Maintain pools and spas
Repair a leak around a pool or spa pump to conserve up to 20 gallons per day. Install a pool cover to reduce evaporation by up to 30 gallons per day, or install spa cover to save up to 5 gallons per day.