StormWater Action Team

Organize a StormWater Action Team

A StormWater Action Team, or SWAT, is a group of colleagues, friends, family, or neighbors that are willing to donate time to help steward storm drains and promote water quality awareness in neighborhoods or commercial centers. SWATs will be assigned to a portion of a neighborhood that has known drainage problems and whose storm drains discharge directly to a stream. SWAT members will be provided gloves, garbage bags, safety vests, drain markers, and educational door hangers to distribute. SWATs will work to remove leaves and debris from around a number of storm drains in the neighborhood, mark the drain with an educational marker, and then place Clear Choices Clean Water Adopt-a-Storm Drain door hangers on neighborhood residents’ doors. This educational door hanger will explain why the drains are important and how residents can volunteer through the Clear Choices’ Service pledge program to become a Storm Drain Steward and help keep these drains—and our streams—clean.

Opportunities are also available in commercial areas, but these opportunities are reserved for adult-only SWATs.

Anyone can organize a SWAT, but if you are in Central Indiana, the White River Alliance can also serve as the organizer. If you’re interested in hosting a SWAT event contact us, and we will work with you on coordinating an event! Learn more about SWAT events HERE.